Insect & Disease Management for Trees, Shrubs and Lawns

Carpenter Costin offers comprehensive insect & disease management services that combat pest infestation in your trees and promote shrub and tree health. Our certified technicians are trained and licensed in all plant health and pest management applications and can determine which tree health program is appropriate for your trees and shrubs.

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Target Treatment Program
Carpenter Costin's Target Treatments are designed to care for insect infested plants or disease-infested plants through a single application basis for such problems as Hemlock Adelgid, Mite Spider, and Aphids on plants. These treatments are best suited for properties with only one or two specific insects or diseases, and for shade trees up to 20 feet.
Pest Management (5 Visit Program)
Our Pest Management Program is a comprehensive program of insect and disease management for ornamental trees and shrubs up to 20 feet in height. During each visit, our pest management technicians will examine each plant on your property for insect and disease issues and automatically spot-treat all manageable problems. Treatments on this program consist of both traditional and non-toxic methods.
Plant Health Care (8 Visit Program)
Carpenter Costin’s Plant Health Care Program is our most intensive approach for an ornamental tree and shrub care. This program features eight monthly inspection and treatment visits from April through November and consists of traditional and non-toxic treatments. We will also make recommendations about cultural practices, such as pruning, required to maintain vigorous and beautiful plants. 

All Natural (Non-Toxic) (8 Visit Program)
Carpenter Costin's All Natural Program is an eco-friendly alternative to the Plant Health Care Program. This program uses 100% Non-Toxic techniques for your ornamental trees and shrubs.

This program focuses on your plants' growing environment. Soil treatments, pH correction, microbe inoculation, and mycorrhizae supplementation may be used to help the soil and give your trees and shrubs the best chance for excellent health. Horticultural oils, insecticidal soaps, fish and seaweed extracts, trunk injections, plant extracts, compost tea and beneficial microbes are some products and treatment methods that will be used.


This is to comment on our recent experience with your company and it's employees in removing a number of trees from our property...It began with a courteous and what we considered fair, treatment by your estimator...Further, we cannot express our praise enough for the three members of the tree removal crew. Again, each one of them was very polite, yet sociable, with us...They performed their work with great efficiency and skill. They then cleaned up the area where the trees had been to look better than it has for some time, even removing all of the dead leaves from the garage gutters....We cannot commend them highly enough. They are a credit to your company and to the nation's workforce...Thank you all again for a job well done here.
Peggy, Swampscott, MA