Medford, MA

Tree Services and Landscape Design & Construction

Quality Tree Care and Landscape Design in Medford Since 1946.

Carpenter Costin Landscape Management provides professional tree care services in Medford, MA, including tree pruning, tree removal, stump grinding, and tree health programs. We offer comprehensive tree services and have a knowledgeable staff of Certified Arborists capable of saving trees, not just cutting them down. Our Medford tree services include:

Tree Pruning 

Tree Removal 

Tree Cabling & Bracing 

Tree & Shrub Planting

Shrub Pruning

Insect & Disease Management 

Stump Grinding

If you need any tree services, take advantage of our free consultations and meet with a Certified Arborist. Click the button below for more details.

Complete Landscape Design and Construction Services.

In addition to tree care, we also provide landscape design and lawn care services. We have Landscape Architects on staff that design and construct a variety of landscape features, from walls, walks, and patios, to natural privacy screen plantings, and new lawn installation. Our landscape crews are made up of professional landscape masons and planting experts. Our Medford landscape design and construction services include:

  • Hardscape Walls, Walks, & Patios
  • Planting Design & Installation
  • Lawn Renovation & Sod Installation
  • Drainage Solutions
  • Landscape Master Plans

If you’d like to find out more about our landscape design and construction services click the button below or call 877-308-8733. Our Architects are available for free consultations.


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