October 10, 2012 , ,

Ensure that fairway trees are pruned, and any necessary removals are completed during this off-season.

As any golf superintendent knows, golf course care is not limited to keeping the fairways and greens in tip-top shape; but rather it extends to include the trees that line the fairways, tee boxes, and greens. Keeping the numerous trees throughout the course in a safe and healthy condition will not only improve the quality of the golf experience, but it will also improve the appeal of the course as a whole.

Tree pruning and removal services at golf courses are best completed during the winter months, after the ground has had a chance to freeze. Frozen ground ensures that the heavy equipment necessary for tree service makes minimal impact on the courses’ grounds.

If we have a mild winter, and the ground never freezes, a tree service provider with experienced tree climbers can still service trees without causing damage to the greens and fairways – while leaving the heavy equipment on firm ground. Ensuring the service provider has the capability to do the work without impacting the playing surface must be a priority for the course managers and superintendents.

Planning for tree removal and pruning on golf courses should begin in the fall. As the golfing season winds down, superintendents can walk the course with a Certified Arborist and determine what the tree service needs are, and develop a plan to meet the needs and budget of the course. A comprehensive, multi-year plan can be determined to segment the course, and service sections of trees at a time; which helps manage the budget without sacrificing quality.

Take advantage of the knowledge a Certified Arborist has, and consider a free course walk-thru with a Carpenter Costin pro.