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The Tree Removal Decision

The decision to take down a tree can be heart wrenching. After years of enjoying it’s shade, watching the leaveschange and admiring it’s beauty, the time will come when the tree must come down. Whatever the reason, when that time comes, a professional arborist should be contacted.

Tree removal is the most dangerous aspect of arboriculture and should be left to the experts. There are 3 ways to take down a tree if it cannot be reached from the ground. With each tree removal service you need to consider the tree removal cost and the certification of company preforming the tree service.

Crane - fast, efficient, expensive, and unnecessary? Today there is a trend towards removing trees with cranes. When a crane is used, a cable is attached to a large section of the tree. An arborist will then cut below the cable and, at times, half or even the entire tree can be taken down in one piece. It’s fast but very expensive.

Bucket truck- fast, efficient, and much less expensive than hiring a crane.

Climbing—used for trees that are in confined spaces near buildings that are inaccessible to equipment. Skilled climbers will ascend the tree and with the use of ropes, lowering devices and speed lines carefully cut the tree apart and lower the pieces to the ground.

Carpenter Costin’s professional certified arborists have the extensive training and experience to safely and successfully perform tree removals. Since we work year round, winter, with reduce activity and frozen ground, alls excellent equipment access for tree removal. We also offer a 10% winter discount on tree work done between December 1st and March 30th.

For more information on tree removals, please give us a call at (877) 308-8733 or through our website at

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