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Mulching Benefits for Tree and Landscaping Health

What if I told you there was a product you could use in your yard and garden that would make your landscaping look dramatically better, reduce your watering needs, increase airflow and nutrients to the soil and roots, and deter weeds from growing? 

No it’s not some magic product. It’s mulch! 

Lawn Care ServicesTypes of Mulch 

Mulch comes in several different colors and a variety of different forms. Most homeowners choose organic mulches that will decompose over the course of a year such as wood chips, shredded bark, or even evergreen needles. These come in colors like red, dark brown, and black to complement the flowers or landscaping in your yard. 

Inorganic mulch, such as rocks, stones, or rubber chips can create a more permanent look as this type of mulch will not decompose, but will still give some of the main benefits that organic mulch does. 

What’s the Purpose of Mulch? 

The last time you took a walk through a forest you probably noticed that the path was strewn with bark, twigs, pine needles, and leaves. These organic pieces of the environment are serving a purpose even in the middle of a wooded forest. It is nature's form of mulching. 

Mulch around your plantings, trees, and gardens in your yard need the same type of protection that mulch can provide. 

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What Are the Benefits of Mulch? 

Mulching your gardens and trees may seem like just one of those chores you complete every spring as the weather gets warmer. What may seem like a chore meant to make your landscaping look amazing, is actually a healthy process for your plantings and trees throughout your yard. 


Let’s face it, gardens, flower beds, and trees that are lined with mulch just look more attractive and well manicured than those without. Since mulch comes in a wide variety of colors and forms, homeowners have the opportunity to make their flower beds and trees look colorful and beautiful all spring, summer, and into the fall. 

Water Conservation 

Mulch can help hold moisture in the soil. Since summers in Massachusetts often involve some level of drought, this water absorption and lack of evaporation due to mulching can be a real lifesaver for your trees and shrubs. 

Weed Deterrent 

No one wants to spend their weekends weeding their flower beds. Mulch can be a major weed deterrent. While mulch will not stop all weeds, it can prevent many weeds from germinating in the soil. 

Adds Nutrients to the Soil 

Adding organic mulch, like shredded or chipped wood, can help your soil thrive throughout the growing season. As the mulch decomposes the nutrients are added to the soil and can help trees and shrubs get the nutrients they need. 

If your lawn and gardens are not mulched every year, consider this healthy and easy process for your soil, plantings, and trees this year. 




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