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Take a “Staycation” – Landscape Design & Construction

Create a Landscape you won't want to leave!

Rising fuel prices and outrageous airline fares are driving more homeowners away from their traditional “get in the car and go” vacations. Homeowners who once drove or flew to their vacation destinations are now choosing to spend their vacation time at home, thus making it a “staycation.” What better way to spend a “staycation” than at home with a beautiful new landscape design, be it a patio, fire pit, or a natural softscape that makes relaxation easy.

Homeowners are choosing to invest more in the permanent beautification of their landscapes, rather than spend money on vacations which are remembered only by the pictures taken and t-shirts purchased. By choosing to design and build a new landscape, a homeowner will not only create an enjoyable area, perfect for entertaining or relaxing at home, but also add value to their homes.

Spring is a perfect time to start a new landscape project. Add a gorgeous patio, retaining wall, pool landscape, fire pit, or natural hardscape and softscape in order to enhance your landscape, and create a desirable location that you won’t want to leave.

View our Landscape Design portfolio and services, or request a free consultation with a Landscape Architect today. Feel free to post comments or questions below for our Landscape Architects and Builders to answer.

Heat Up Your Backyard with a Stone Fire Pit

Cozy Up to an Outdoor Fire Pit

Bring the warmth and fun of a campfire to your backyard with a stone fire pit. A Carpenter Costin fire pit is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also provides a safe place for your family and friends to gather and cook over an open fire in the comfort of your own yard.

We build all of our fire pits with underground drainage to avoid water accumulation when you douse fire for safety. This drainage also allows fire pit not to fill with water in winter so they remain durable and permanent and will add an exciting and beautiful feature to any property.

Give us a call and find out how you can heat up your backyard on chilly evenings with a cozy fire pit. 877.308.8733. or email us at
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