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Natural Stone Wall Design and Construction

Adding a natural stone wall to your property can serve as a great barrier, property line indicator, and beautiful hardscape feature all at once.

A recent trip to Block Island, RI got me thinking about stone walls. The Island is covered instone wall ancient stone walls that served as property line markers and cattle barriers for the early Island settlers. These stone walls are truly remarkable considering they have been standing for hundreds of years, and are still practical and beautiful.

Though methods and equipment have changed since the early settlers of Block Island built their stone walls, a natural wall comprised of stone is still a great feature to add to your property, be it to seperate your property from your neighbors, keep your kids and pets in check, or to add appeal to your landscape. Choose from a variety of natural stones to get the look and design that you want.

Our expert Landscape Architects can design and construct great natural stone walls, customized to your needs and wants. Request a free consultation with a registered Landscape Architect to discuss how stone, brick, and paver walls, walks and patios can improve your landscape.


laptew stone wall BI

A Block Island stone wall built by the Island's early settlers. Photo taken by Mike Laptew of Laptew Productions.

Add a New Hardscape Feature This Fall

A stone, brick, or paver hardscape feature can help revitalize a landscape, and have it ready for the beginning of spring 2012.

The window to add natural plant features is slowly shrinking, as the perfect time to install new plants is in September and October. However, this does not mean that you should give up on your landscape for the 2011 calendar year. Adding a new hardscape feature in the second half of October and November will create a great place to spend the warm fall days this year, and also ensure that your new landscape will be ready to use come spring 2012!

Designing and building new stairs, walkways, or patios in the fall is a great idea because conditions are such that they are conducive for construction, but will not interfere with prime "landscape usage time" like it does in the spring. Let's face it, once next spring comes you'll want to enjoy your landscape, and not have to wait until your new feature is added.

Late fall is a perfect time to add a new hardscape feature. Our Landscape Architects and experienced landscape masonry crews are great at designing and building a creative stone, brick, or paver feature that will suit your wants and needs. For a free consultation with a registered Landscape Architect click the button below or call 877-308-8733.

Request Free Landscape Design Consultation  


Adding a hardscape feature now will drastically improve the overall appeal and function of your property.

Lost in the Flood

The early morning storms that raged across our region dumped enough rain to seriously flood many areas throughout the North Shore.

Ironically, I posted an article last Thursday about watering your trees and shrubs in the fall. Well the storms we encountered this morning certainly did their part to ensure your trees and shrubs are staying moist. What the storm also brought is the realization of how important proper drainage is.

Depending on the topography of your property, landscape drainage can be a savor when it comes to flood damage, flood insurance costs, and water damage repairs. If your home is prone to water in the basement, it may be time to think about a landscape drainage plan to help divert the water that usually ends up in your basement to a garden area. Installing proper drainage can help turn a serious water problem into a beautiful garden or landscape feature. 

If you're nervous each time we get excessive rain, like we did this morning, you should really take advantage of a free consultation with a Landscape Architect. Our registered architects are capable of designing and building creative landscape drainage features. Call 877-308-8733 or click the button below to request your free consultation.


flood damage

Insufficient drainage resulted in this lake forming under the Swampscott commuter rail bridge this morning, just a short distance from the Carpenter Costin office. Not pictured in the photo is a jeep that was completely submerged under the bridge.

Fall is a Great Time to Add a Walk, Wall, or Patio

Add that stone, brick, or paver landscape feature that you've always wanted this fall.

Although many minds are thinking about putting the lawn mower away for the winter, and bringing out the snow blower, it isn't time to give up on your landscape just yet. The months of September, October, and even November are great for natural stone walldesigning and building new landscape features, such as walls, walks, and patios. Adding a feature this fall will allow you to savor the final warm (enough) nights of the year, and ensure that it is ready to go come next spring

To compliment a new stone, brick, or paver addition our Landscape Architects can plant beautiful natural features, full of color and life. Planting or transplanting trees, shrubs, and plants in the fall is ideal as it promotes optimal root development, and allows for proper flowering and foliating next spring.

Not quite sure what you're looking for, but you know you want to spice up your landscape? Our expert Landscape Architects can provide a free consultation to help turn your landscape vision into a reality. Call 877-308-8733 or click the button below for a free consultation.


patio construction

Our experienced landscape masonry crews provide superior results, and some even wear great NE Patriots hats while doing so!

Replace Your Old Stairs with a Fresh New Design

Need to revitalize your walkway or stairs, but don't know what to do? A combination of stone, brick, and native plants can greatly enhance your landscape.

Do you have a walkway or set of stairs that lacks appeal? Our Landscape Architects and professional landscape construction crews can design and construct an attractive and practical new walkway or stairs that suits your needs and wants.

Tired of those stairs made out of old railroad ties? You know the ones with all the weeds creeping up around the edges? So are we. Our Landscape Architects can design a great new landscape feature to take the place of those railroad ties that adds appeal and function to your property.

Here is the before-shot of a recent project. This great client of ours chose to update that old stairway with a great new feature.

old stairs with weeds

And the after-shot.

new stairs plantings resized 600

If you have an area (or the whole thing) of your property that needs some revitalization please don't hesitate to request a free consultation with a Landscape Architect.


Adding Appeal to Your Yard

Transform that ignored corner of your property with a combination of hardscape and softscape features.

We all have, or have had, an area of our property that needs some revitalization. Investing the time to revive an area that has potential is often difficult. Thankfully here at Carpenter Costin we have the best Landscape Architects and crews in the region, making landscape transformations a breeze.

Our Architects and Designers are always diving into projects of all sizes and creating beautifully crafted landscapes to meet customer's specifications.

Here is a before-shot of a recent project:


This slope on the edge of a client's property was in need of some landscape love. Our Lead Designer, Chip Gill, devised a great combination of natural stone features and native plants to help revitalize this landscape. We think Chip did a great job, but why do you be the judge of that. Here is the after-shot of the project.


If you have an area of your landscape that needs revitalization, regardless of the size, please don't hesitate to request a free consultation with a Landscape Architect. Our expert Landscape Architects can design a hardscape, softscape, or combination to suit your needs and wants.


Natural Stone or Paver Patios for a Great Hardscape

Utilize a combination of natural stone, pavers, and plants to create a beautiful patio in your yard.

Our Landscape Designers are great at putting together the perfect balance of hardscape and softscape features to optimize your new patio. Combining fieldstone, flagstone, bluestone, and a variety of pavers, our landscape design and construction teams know what it takes to make incredible patios. Once the hardscape is complete, we plant a variety of plants and shrubs to create a truly desirable escape in your very own yard.

While some companies specialize in hardscapes, and others specialize in softscapes, we are proud to commit that we specialize in both, because it takes aspects of both hardscapes and softscapes to make the best landscape possible.

describe the image

If you're looking for the perfect area to entertain guests at your house, but lack an outdoor space that is great for spring, summer, and fall gatherings, we recommend exploring your stone, brick, and paver patio options. To learn more about a new patio and landscape design, request to speak with a Landscape Designer, or call 877-308-8733.

Add a New Walkway to Spruce Up Your Landscape

Designing and building a new walkway or stairs can add beauty and practicality to your landscape.

Replacing that old, unsafe walkway and stairs can not only add appeal to your landscape, but it also adds functionality and practicality. If your walkways are beginning to crack or slope, it may be time to think about replacing it with a fresh new landscape design.

Our Landscape Designers utilize innovative designs with pavers, field stones, plants, lighting, and irrigation systems to provide superior landscape design and construction services. We can create the elegant entrance that you’ve always wanted, or revive that old walkway that has cracked, sloped, and needed attention for the last few years. We source the highest quality pavers and field stones, and have access to plants, trees, and shrubs of all sizes and ages.

View our portfolio to catch a glimpse of some of our past designs, or request a consultation with our Landscape Architects to discuss your design and construction needs.

walkway stairs

Create Your Summer Landscape Paradise Before It's Too Late

Designing and building a landscape or hardscape to your specifications is a great way to enjoy your yard all summer long.

The recent warm weather has greatly increased the use of my landscape, which was recently designed and built to meet my wants and needs. The patio is a great place to “hang-out” or enjoy a meal or family cook out, while the shrubs, plants, and ornamental trees that surround the patio truly add beauty and appeal to the grand scheme of my landscape. Every day that I spend outside reminds of why I decided to transform my exisiting yard into a beautifully designed landscape. This summer, I’ll be sure to take plenty of “staycations”!

It is not too late to build the perfect landscape of your own - an area that you can enjoy all spring, summer, and fall. With the right combination of flowering plants and shrubs, you can enjoy different views throughout the year. By combining natural elements, with stones and pavers, and selecting a variety of flowering shrubs, you can turn your backyard into a landscape paradise!

View Carpenter Costin’s Landscape Portfolio, or consult with a Landscape Designer to learn more!

Beautify Your Landscape with a New Entrance

Make an Entrance: Create a beautiful impression with a new entryway.

Where’s the door?

Many entryways are hidden and confusing, leaving visitors wandering around your property looking for the most appropriate entrance. It is important to highlight the route that you want people to follow. A knowledgeable landscape designer will draw both the eye and the person to your door.


Is your walkway uneven, heaving, cracking, and creating a serious safety hazard? Carpenter Costin landscape designers keep safety in mind as they design entryways that are solid, long-lasting, and capable of withstanding the rigors of New England weather.


The walk from point A to point B doesn’t have to be a boring experience. It is a journey of sights, smells, and pleasant surprises along the way to a welcoming destination.

Carpenter Costin Landscape Design can provide you with the walkway or entryway that truly enhances your landscape’s appeal. View our online portfolio, or request a consultation with a landscape designer today.

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