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Importance of Plant Health Care for Commercial Properties

Ensuring plant health and appeal should be a top priority for all commercial property managers.

Commercial properties range in type and size, but for the most part, appearance is very important to both the tenants and the management. Whether you manage a massive business park, or a small condominium complex, landscape appeal and plant health should be a top priority.

What most property managers fail to realize is that plant health care is not achieved by selecting a landscape contractor to handle the weekly maintenance. Plant health care should be handled separately, by a trained and licensed professional. Realizing the need for a plant health care professional is only half the battle, however, as establishing a budget and formulating a plan will determine the true success of a plant health care program for a commercial property.

Focus on areas of need first. Has the property been infested with any specific insects, like Hemlock Woolly Adelgid or Wintermoth? Allocating resources to controlling and preventing these pests will help improve a property’s appeal immensely. After running through the insect and pest checklist, take a look at the turf areas on the property. How do they look? Could they use weed control, fertilization, or any other treatments?

Once you’ve covered the areas of highest need, you can then work with the plant health care professional to determine a comprehensive plant health care plan. A multi-step plan, with a variety of turf and tree/shrub treatments will help ensure your commercial property is looking as good as it can. Immaculate grounds can go a long way when attracting potential tenants.

Consider a free consultation with a plant health care professional to determine the value of plant health and appeal at your commercial location.


commercial property plant health care

A trained professional applies insecticides at a commercial property.

commercial landscape care

A plant health care program can keep your property looking great, just like this condo complex.

Commercial Landscape Management Services for 2012

Attention commercial property managers: it is time to plan your landscape maintenance services for 2012!

If you're a commercial property manager or service manager it is definitely time to get moving on your search for a landscape maintenance provider for the 2012 season. You should have a maintenance provider selected by mid-March at the latest to allow for ample planning and coordination time between the property management and landscape contractor. Some things to consider when selecting a landscape maintenance company are:

  • Quality - is the company well-established, and do they have a history of great work? Exceptional quality must be a priority to the provider.
  • Price - price is obviously a deciding factor, but you don't need to sacrifice quality to get a good price. Carpenter Costin emphasizes operational efficiency to keep our prices down.
  • Insurance - be sure your provider is insured. Many smaller maintenance providers can offer great quality and price, but if they aren't insured you'll be risking it big time!

Comprehensive landscape maintenance service is not easy to provide. Maintenance contractors need to have skilled labor, efficient equipment, and effective processes in order to provide superior services. Here at Carpenter Costin, we utilize our wide range of services and state-of-the art equipment to provide exceptional quality in our maintenance programs. In addition to the standard clean-up and weekly lawn mowing, we provide turf management treatments, shrub pruning, road sweeping, and irrigation services. We also offer our expert tree care services and landscape design at a discounted rate for our commercial properties.

commercial mulching service

Our "bark blower" increases our mulching service dramatically, while maintaining great quality throughout.

commercial flowerbed cleaning

With skilled crews, our spring and fall clean-ups are a breeze.

commercial lawn mowing

Our fast mowers can service large properties quickly.

commercial property sweeping

We'll even make sure your roadways are free of winter debris.

If you're still looking for a commercial landscape maintenance provider on the North Shore, Merrimack Valley, or Greater Boston area we encourage you to meet with one of our commercial specialists. You won't be disappointed.


Commercial Snow and Ice Management Underway

Despite a late October Nor'Easter, our winter has been weak! Don't expect it to last much longer though. Ensure your commercial space is covered!

Covered with a snow management plan, and not with snow, that is. Thankfully this fall has been very mild, albeit the one storm just before Halloween. Don't expect the warm weather to last much longer. With temperatures finally reaching around freezing, the threat of snow and ice is becoming real. Commercial properties must ensure they are covered before it is too latesno max small sander salter and we get another major storm.

Servicing commercial properties in our region can be tricky due to dramatic climate change that we can experience in such a small area. The western part of our region (say the towns of Wilmington, Burlington, and Lexington) can be getting pounded with snow, while the eastern, coastal part is receiving all rain. Preparation is key when managing snow and ice control, and we are as prepared as we'll ever be for that first snow flake.

Our fleet of trucks has been converted into plow trucks, our bobcats, pushers, and other machines have been delivered to sites along with sand and salt material. Properties are staked, managers and crews have been trained, and our equipment has been readied. If you're a commercial property manager or owner and you haven't decided on your snow management plan for the winter, time is seriously running out. Don't hesitate to call our commercial division at 877-308-8733 or email to learn more!


commercial snow management


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