April 14, 2011 , , ,

Invest in tree pruning now and you’ll be rewarded all year.

I love when buds start to develop on our trees and shrubs, especially after such a harsh winter.  However, with the arrival of the year’s first buds also comes the realization that the winter did some damage to your trees and shrubs – some of which will require tree pruning to ensure safety and tree health.

Tree pruning, or crown cleaning, in the spring is preferred because it gives arborists a clear view of the tree structure, without foliage to hinder sight. A Certified Arborist can closely inspect a tree and carefully prune and trim branches to ensure your trees and shrubs are as healthy and beautiful as possible for the upcoming growing season.

Heavy snow accumulation and strong winds will have caused their damage to your trees and shrubs this winter. Spring presents a refreshing atmosphere, but does not guarantee that your trees and shrubs are safe and appealing. Get out there and take a look to see how your trees survived the winter.

View our tree pruning and shrub pruning services to learn more, or arrange for a consultation with a Certified Arborist who can assist you with your shrub and tree pruning needs.