How To Protect Your Patio Over The Winter

November 15, 2021 ,

As we move into the frigid, snow and ice-covered New England winter, you may be wondering about the best ways to protect your patio (and even other forms of hardscape) on your property, especially if you recently had your patio constructed.

Today, let’s explore a few easy steps that you can take to preserve and protect your patio, whether stone, paver, concrete, or slabs, from unnecessary damage over the winter months.



Clear Debris From Your Patio And The Surrounding Area

Debris, such as dirt, leaves, and pine needles, are often scattered throughout our yards in the fall months. As the winter months approach, it’s important that you keep the area around your patio clear of loose debris that can get stuck under the snow and ice over the cold months. The constant freezing and thawing during the winter season can potentially lead to damage to your patio.

And, Shovel Your Patio Frequently (And Safely)

Okay, we know that shoveling isn’t everyone’s favorite part of a Massachusetts winter. However, when it comes to preserving your patio, shoveling is essential. The longer that you allow accumulating snow and ice to sit on your patio, the more damage it can cause. As the water constantly thaws and freezes, this process can lead to unsightly cracks in the material.

You can combat this potential damage by shoveling consistently, as needed. And, it’s important to note that you should use a plastic shovel instead of a metal one to prevent chipping and scraping.

If You Have A Paver Patio, Make Sure You Use A Sealer

When it comes to preserving your paver patio, a quality sealant pre-winter is the way to go. Paver patio sealers offer long-term protection for your patio from staining, water damage, and erosion, all of which can threaten your patio over the winter. The barrier that sealer forms can also prevent your stones from shifting under the snow and disrupting the entire patio.

Do Not Use Salt On Your Patio

While it may be tempting to throw down some salt instead of shoveling consistently, rock salt has actually proven harmful to stone and paver hardscape patios. While salt is a sound solution for keeping your driveway safe from the slippery ice and snow, it doesn’t quite work that way on your patio.

Unfortunately, rock salt does not easily wash away, and the salt that remains on your patio is constantly freezing and refreezing. Once temperatures fall below freezing consistently, this process accumulates every time you lay salt down on your patio, causing an erosive build-up, potentially causing discoloration, flaking, and other unsightly issues.

Consult A Patio Contractor

For many, a gorgeous patio overlooking a beautiful landscape is the American dream come true. And, it’s important to protect your patio over the winter to keep it looking pristine once the warmer weather rolls back around.

So, if you’re still unsure about the best ways that you can protect your patio over the winter, or if you have any questions, please reach out to our knowledgeable patio contractors today.