September 15, 2021

The housing market is currently exploding with more home buyers than inventory on the market. That means that homes are going fast and well over the asking price. Sellers are rightfully excited about the prospect of a bidding war on their home. However, this real estate market, like everything, is sure to evolve and change over the next year or so. As such, homeowners should consider maintaining their curb appeal to entice home buyers.  One way to do that is through landscaping. 


What is Landscaping? 

Landscaping involves many disciplines that must come together to create both an aesthetically pleasing layout, as well as a practical one. From certified arborists, who can help determine the right species of trees, bushes and planting for the yard, to landscape engineers who can plan a purposeful layout to highlight the best part of the yard, landscaping can be a complex process that can add major curb appeal to your property, if done well. 

Types of Landscaping 

Depending upon the yard, landscaping can take on a different meaning. Some homeowners love gardens, both perennial and annual, to add color and depth to the property. Others like the idea of the addition of stone walls, hardscape walkways, or even entertaining areas including a kitchen or fire pit area. 

Carpenter Costin landscape specialists, along with our landscape designers and construction engineers, can help you create a beautiful, custom designed look for your yard. 

We take into account the native species and natural elements in your patios, walkways, walls, driveways, and plantings. Some of our more recent projects have included: stone walls, retaining walls, walkways, paver patios, fire pit areas, natural privacy shields, paver driveways, and all types of gardens. 

Benefits of Landscaping for Curb Appeal 

Landscaping can not only make your property look better (especially to potential buyers) but utilize each aspect of your yard in a way that makes it more pragmatic as well. 

Landscaping, in the form of a hardscape such as a paver patio, driveway, or a fire pit makes your yard more appealing, because now, instead of unused space, there is a distinct function to the area. 

Landscaping can add usable square footage to any yard in the form of an entertaining space that is clearly defined with stone walls, pavers, gardens, or outdoor furnishings. What was once a spare outdoor space can become your favorite place to entertain friends and family during the spring, summer, and well into fall. 

Landscaping also adds a “wow” factor when visitors, neighbors, or friends come by. Who doesn’t like to show off the many areas of the yard with native plantings, a sitting area, and beautifully blooming gardens?

Whether you plan to sell your house sometime in the future or just want to take your curb appeal to the next level, we can help your backyard become the yard of your dreams.