June 27, 2012 ,

Designing and constructing a new patio with Bluestone can be a great addition to your landscape.

When adding a new patio, be sure to consider using Bluestone as the primary construction material. Bluestone is great for patios because it has a timeless look and feel, which is why it has been a top choice for patio construction for the last couple hundred years!

Although Bluestone has been used for hundreds of years, engineered pavers have been stealing some of the patio limelight in recent years; however, that does not mean that pavers are better (or worse) – they’re just different. Bluestone has an edge over pavers when large or irregular pieces are needed, and Bluestone can be cut easily, helping to get the desired shape.

Bluestone can be great for pool landscapes, and is a tremendous improvement over wood decks if possible. A Bluestone patio is capable of lasting a very long time (like centuries); where as a wood deck will need to be replaced after a decade or two just to ensure it is safe.

One of the main benefits of Bluestone is that it meshes very well with natural stone, so if you have an existing stone wall, a Bluestone patio will compliment it extremely well. Bluestone comes in various finishes, including natural, thermal, and tumbled, allowing greater customization of your patio, and ensuring the look and feel you desire.

Bluestone is a local product to boot; and all the Bluestone we use in our patios comes from New England or Pennsylvania. If you’re thinking about adding a patio to your landscape, but are stumbling over which material to use, consider Bluestone and you won’t be disappointed. Take advantage of our free landscape design consultations to learn more about Bluestone patios.


bluestone patio by pool

Bluestone is a great choice for pool areas.

bluestone water feature

Large, irregular pieces of Bluestone make for great patios, and go well with natural stone.