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Spring Flowers Require Pruning

Flowering Plants Require Summer Pruning

Craig pruning 2011 resized 600Ask an arborist when the best time to prune your trees and shrubs and he’ll tell you ‘when the saw is sharp.’ For most plants this is true but others have a specific pruning schedule.

Pruning Flowering Shrubs & Ornamental Trees

Flowering shrubs and ornamental trees have completed their flowering for the year by end of May and will soon develop buds for next year's blossoms.

Flowering Shrubs

  • Rhododendrons
  • Lilac
  • Azalea 

Ornamental Trees

  • Dogwood
  • Crabapple
  • Hawthorn 

These plants should be pruned right after they bloom for the best crop of flowers next spring. If you wait until late fall when buds have already set, you will be removing next season’s flowers.

Pruning Mistakes with Flowering Trees and Shrubs

Pruning is beneficial for all trees and shrubs but timing is crucial depending on the tree or shrub. we have a wide variety of different trees and plants in our area so be sure to ask an arborist when the best time to prune your specific trees and plants is. Be sure to check out our "Why Prune your Trees and Shrubs" post where it will go into detail why pruning is something you should always consider with trees and plants on your property.

Late May into early June is also the perfect time to prune your hedges back into shape. ‘Leggy’ growth will appear at this time of year on Hemlocks, Yews, Privet, Juniper, and Arborvitae. Bring them back into shape by hand pruning the long spindly branches. Reduction of plant height will help maintain strong stems and help protect them from snow damage. It’s also a good time to prune out deadwood and broken branches for healthy, attractive plants.

Don’t procrastinate. Give us a call to arrange a property review with one of our arborists and keep your plants blooming beautifully. 877.308.8733



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