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Featured Project: Natural Stone Patio and Water Feature in Reading, MA

Transformed a Barren Slope into a Tranquil Sitting Area with Water Feature

It is amazing how many homeowners have areas of their property that they render useless for one reason or another. These areas are often hopelessly abandoned because they are deemed unusable, unsafe, or undesirable. Fortunately, with a little creativity and expertise from a Landscape Architect, not only can the abandoned be salvaged, but it can actually be transformed into desirable, useful landscaped areas.

The property in this featured project sits with a wooded slope directly to the rear of the house, rendering the “back yard” fairly useless – that is until a Carpenter Costin Landscape Architect took a look. With some fill, minor regrading, a natural stone patio, a water feature, and some tree and shrub plantings, the slope in the back yard was transformed into a tranquil, and very desirable patio area. Next spring when the plants fill in, and the pachysandra ground cover matures, this area will be the complete package of hardscape, softscape, and water feature.

See the images below to see the transformation. To have a Landscape Architect out to your property for a free consultation, click here:


Backyard Landscape Project Before

The slope made utilizing this space a real challenge.

Natural Stepping Stones and plantings

Thinning out the trees, adding fill, and regrading helped make room for the walkway and patio.

Backyard Before Patio and Water Feature

The area had scattered ground cover, but was undesirable to say the least.

Blue Stone Patio and Water Feature

The new patio and two-tier water feature from the deck above.

Backyard Before Patio and water feature

Before bringing in the fill, the slope was so extreme it made this area useless.

Patio with Chairs and Fire Pit

Leveling off the slope made plenty of sitting room. As the plants fill in next spring it will make for a peaceful little landscape.

natural stone patio with water feature

A desirable, serene patio with a calming two-tier water feature.



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