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Natural Stepping Stone Walks and Paths

Consider a natural stepping stone path to guide traffic throughout your property.

It happens every year; the most highly trafficked areas on your property get trampled down natural stone stepping stone walkwayto bare dirt, leaving an unattractive series of paths across your landscape. Let this be the last year you have to look at these beaten paths, and add attractive stepping stone walkways to guide traffic across your landscape. Natural stone makes a great looking and durable stepping stone walkway.

The areas that are beaten down to dirt are done so for a reason – maybe it is the easiest path from the driveway to the front door, or quickest route from the back door to the grill. Whatever the reason, people choose it as the desired path; therefore, it makes sense to give it a desirable look and durability. Choosing to install natural stone as “steppers” is a great way to discretely improve your the path's durability, without sacrificing the natural look of grass and stone. Adding an engineered paver path or concrete walkway would undoubtedly increase the durability; however, it will sacrifice the natural appeal of the landscape.

One major benefit of a stepping stone walkway is that, when on a small scale, it can be an achievable DIY project. Natural stone can be picked up at your local landscape supply store and laid into the desired area. Once you have the stones where you want them you’ll need to dig a spot for the stone to rest, which is dependent on the thickness of the stone. You’ll want the stones to appear “sunken” in the lawn, but not too deep as that can become hazardous.

If you’d like to add a stepping stone walkway with large stones, or a full natural stone or paver walkway, we recommend dealing with a professional landscape construction firm since these projects will require additional equipment, grading, and expertise. Remember, as with any DIY project – safety first! Click the button below to speak with a Landscape Architect about natural stone walkways.


walkway stepping stones

This is the best route from the gate to the back deck - newly installed stones will help limit wear and tear on the lawn.

natural stone path

This path leads from the back patio to a beautiful garden and sitting area.



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