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Discover When and How Often to Prune Trees & Shrubs

View the tree & shrub pruning guide to discover the best timing and frequency of shrub and tree pruning.pruning guide

Pruning the various trees and shrubs throughout your property is critical to ensure their health, appeal, and safety. Understanding that pruning is crucial to the livelihood and attractiveness of your landscape is only half the battle. Knowing when and how frequently to prune the different varieties of trees and shrubs on your property will help make certain that your landscape stays in tip-top shape, and you enjoy all the beautiful flowering and fruiting of your various trees and shrubs.

This guide gives you a concise explanation of when and how often to prune:

  • Ornamental Trees
  • Shrubs
  • Shade Trees

Click below to view the guide. For questions about pruning, request a free pruning consultation with one of our Certified Arborists.



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