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Start Thinking About Fall Plantings

Although it is still the height of summer; preparing for fall plant installation now will ensure you’re ready when the temperatures cool down.

If you’re looking to add some plants, shrubs, or trees to your landscape, consider doing it in the fall. The fall months are great for plant installation, as weather conditions are ideal for optimal root development. Starting in September, the sun weakens, temperatures cool, and conditions for installing plants improve. From September through November, and sometimes even into December, landscape installation crews will be busy installing a variety of plants, shrubs, and trees.

Even though we’re still greeted with 90 degree temperatures on a regular basis in August, you really need to begin the planning stage early in the month. First, take advantage of a free consultation with a Landscape Architect. Most firms will offer free consultations, and I haven’t met a Landscape Architect that doesn’t like to share their wealth of knowledge. It is also wise to have a Landscape Architect inspect the property while full foliage remains on the trees, as they will be able to accurately scope the light and shade around your property.

The reason you want to start discussing fall plantings in early August is because it can be a two to four week cycle of discussion and planning before a project can commence. This time frame is actually beneficial for both the homeowner and the Architect, as it allows the homeowner to get their budget squared away, while also permitting the Architect to source the absolute best plants for the job.

Adding plants, trees, or shrubs to your property in the fall will ensure that you experience optimal blooming come next spring and helps promote long term plant health – but start planning now, or it may be too late to cash in on great planting conditions this fall.

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Planting in the fall will have your landscape ready, and beautiful, come spring time!



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