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Summertime Watering of Your Shrubs and Plants

Remember to properly water your shrubs and plants this summer to avoid damage from dry soil and hot temperatures.

Watering shrubs and plants cannot be forgotten during the summertime, period! This holds especially true if they have been planted this year or last year. The plentiful rains of spring usually end by mid-June and from then on, the homeowner is responsible for the irrigation of the property’s trees and shrubs. This can be done by adding a professional irrigation system with drip-irrigation; or a well placed garden hose. It doesn’t matter which route you decide to follow – just be sure you’re watering!

During the summer, a deep watering of shrubs and plants once a week is necessary. This can be accomplished simply by putting a garden hose on low and letting it rest around the base of the shrub or plant for a few minutes, allowing the water to slowly penetrate the soil and sink deep into the root system. Doing this should keep the soil around the shrub moist enough for the week and help ensure that the shrub remains healthy throughout the summer. Be sure not to have the water pressure too high as it will just run off, especially if the soil is very dry. Remember, this is extremely important for newly planted or transplanted shrubs!

When watering, always abide by your town’s water restrictions. Drought conditions can be tough on plants, but you still need to follow the regulations. If you give your shrubs and plants a deep watering once a week, they'll come through summer healthy and looking great.

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Though complex drip irrigation may be the best and most convenient watering solution; a simple garden hose can be your shrub's ally in the summer.



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