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Build a Natural Stone Wall to Line Your Property

Natural Stone Walls Serve as an Attractive and Functional Boundary Marker

For thousands of years, land owners have been using stone to construct the walls that lined their property; keeping their cattle in check, and helping to identify rigid property boundaries with their neighbors that could have lived many miles away. Though times have changed, natural stone is still a great choice for a wall surrounding your property.

Years ago, farmers would save the stones they encountered when tilling their fields and use them to construct the long stone walls that marked their land. Luckily, stone is now readily available at a local hardscape distributor, which saves some excavation time and effort - but if you have existing stone on your property it can certainly be reused to help save costs! We’ve even constructed walls out of stone excavated from someone’s basement.

There are many different varieties of natural stone, but for simplicity sake, let’s just focus on two styles: round stone and flat stone. Round stone presents a very organic and timeless look that meshes well with classic New England architecture. Flat stone is still very natural, but portrays a more elegant appeal that works well with both modern and classic architecture. Both styles of natural stone are beautiful and are sure to add a timeless appeal to your landscape.

A natural stone wall is not only a great aesthetic feature, but it can also provide safety and security. We’ve seen a number of stone walls that have been damaged by cars that have strayed off the road. There is no telling where the car would have ended up had the walls not been there.

Take advantage of our free consultations and discuss adding a natural stone wall to your property with a Landscape Architect.


natural round field stone wall

A small natural round fieldstone wall at the edge of a property, separating it from the street.

flat field stone wall

This flat stone wall sits between a natural stone patio and a beautiful garden.



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