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Prune Before Shrubs Grow Out of Control

Don’t wait until it’s too late; regular pruning is not only easier than restoration pruning, but it will ensure your shrubs look great every year!

Waiting too long to prune your shrubs can leave you with the daunting task that is restoration pruning. Pruning your shrubs every year (or multiple times a year when needed) will help keep your shrubs under control and looking great. If you neglect to prune a shrub for a few seasons, you may find that the shrub has grown uncontrollably to a point of no return.

It is best to prune shrubs in the summer, after the shrub has flowered, but before the buds develop for next year. This is especially important after a spring with optimal growing conditions, with plenty of rain and warm temperatures, as shrubs can grow significantly - even in a short period of time. Pruning in the summer after strong growing conditions is critical to ensure your shrubs do not get out of hand.

Regular pruning of shrubs will help keep your landscape attractive and healthy year after year. Should you miss a few years of pruning, you may need to partake in restoration pruning, which is very labor-intensive, has a long turnaround time, and is difficult to achieve without a skilled hand pruner.

If you’re not up for pruning your shrubs yourself, request a free consultation and we can have our professional pruners out to do it for you.

overgrown shrub

This forsythia flowered beautifully early in the spring, but optimal growing conditions in the late spring led the shrub to grow uncontrollably. It must be pruned this summer or else it will be beyond restoration next year.

regular hand pruning

Hand pruning may be tedious, but if you prune your shrubs each summer you'll keep them in check and looking great!



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