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Don’t Be Beat by Summer Storms; Ensure Your Trees are Safe

Strong winds, driving rains, and lightning are all potential dangers to your trees when summer storms come rolling in. Make sure your trees are safe this summer.

Summer storms have a knack of packing a quick and powerful punch, with the capacity to cause severe damage to your trees; which poses a threat to the people and structures surrounding the trees. The trio of wind, water, and lightning has been famous for damaging trees during summer storms in our area, but if you take a proactive approach you may be able to mitigate some risk.

The easiest step to proactively preventing storm damage is to get out and look for “hangers” or “widow-makers” in your trees. Hangers are limbs that have broken, but remain tangled up in a tree. Often, hangers are difficult to see due to the foliage, so ensure you take a good look at all your trees. Every summer storm we have could potentially make more hangers, so make sure you’re regularly checking your trees. If you identify any hangers in your trees, please consult with a Certified Arborist for your own safety.

Aside from identifying hangers, there is very little that an untrained person can do to prevent storm damage; however, a Certified Arborist will be able to identify structural weaknesses and root issues that can help mitigate fall downs and uprooting caused by brutally strong winds. Uprooting is common when soil is extremely moist from excessive rain, so be extra cautious if you have trees in very wet areas in your yard. Removing or cabling of trees in question maylightning strike tree be necessary to ensure your property remains safe the next time a storm rolls through.

The wild card of storm damage is the lightning strike – and if one of your trees is hit by lightning you’ll know it, as the bark will likely be stripped off. Lightning will cause severe internal damage to a tree, and removal is usually always necessary. Unfortunately you can’t prevent lightning from striking, but taking immediate action after a lightning strike will prevent any further damage.

Do your part to mitigate summer storm damage and you’ll be glad you did. Consult with a Certified Arborist to get a professional evaluation of the trees on your property to help ensure your property is as safe as can be before the first major summer storm.


storm damage uprooting

Uprooting can occur when excessive moisture in the soil weakens the roots grasps, allowing a tree tro succumb to high winds.

fallen tree damage

Full foliage makes trees susceptible to falling down in heavy winds. Pruning can increase air flow and help mitigate risks of fall downs.



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