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Construction Can Kill Your Trees

Ensure your trees aren't damaged by construction, consult with a Certified Arborist prior to construction starting.

Spring is here and you may have plans for a home renovation project, or even a landscape construction project in the coming weeks or months. Before you begin, consider consulting with a Certified Arborist to evaluate the impact that the construction may have on your trees and landscape.

Construction can cause serious damage to your trees and landscape, most of which is caused by the heavy equipment used on most construction sites. The most obvious damage is caused by the digging or trenching to lay underground infastructure and build foundations. Digging can cause serious damage to the root systems of trees, which can severly stress a tree and lead to an untimely death.

Severing a tree's roots is by far the biggest concern when dealing with construction near your trees. The second biggest concern, however, is much harder to detect - and that is excessive soil compaction. Heavy machinery continuously driving over, and parking on, a tree's root system will seriously compact the soil, effectively blocking water from penetrating deep into the root system. Compacted soil will cause leaf and twig die back, and can potentially even kill the tree.

If you're planning on some construction this spring, be sure to have a Certified Arborist visit your property first to prevent damage to your trees and landscape.

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Digging can sever a tree's root system and lead to serious damage and ultimately kill the tree.



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