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Proper Spring Watering

Ensure your turf, trees, and shrubs are getting enough water this spring.

April is usually a month full of precipitation, but 2012 has been different. With very little rain, much of our region has been bordering on drought conditions. This does not bode well for plant and turf health, as ample water is necessary this time of year to ensure healthy growth in our landscape. Without enough rain water, you’ll need to take it upon yourself to keep your spring wateringsoil, turf, and plants watered.

If you have an irrigation system, with or without rain sensors, you may feel as though you are covered and you do not need to do any extra watering. This may be the case for your turf; however, most irrigation systems are not set up to water your trees and shrubs. A common misconception among homeowners with irrigation systems is that their whole landscape is covered – this is often untrue, so be sure you’re trees and shrubs are being watered too.

The general rule of thumb is to make sure your turf, shrubs, and trees get at least one inch of water each week. In an average spring we can get an inch or more of rain each week, but this spring has been different so be sure you're watering your landscape. Failure to water your landscape can lead to long-term health issues in your trees, shrubs, and lawn. Stressed trees and shrubs will be more susceptible to insect and disease infestation,and internal damage.

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watering tips for lawn and trees

Make sure you're watering this spring to keep your landscape green and healthy.



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