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Choosing a Pest Management Program for Your Property

With various different pest management programs available, how do you decide which is best for your property?

If you’re wondering which pest management program is best for your property than you have already conquered the biggest barrier to having a great landscape – you understand the importance of tree, shrub, and lawn health. From here you need to ask yourself a few questions before deciding which pest management program to sign up for (hint: asking a Certified Arborist will help).

First, you need to have your property evaluated by a professional. An educated eye can catch infestations and threats before they occur; and ensure they never occur by recommending proper preventative treatments. You’ll also be able to uncover existing issues and remedy them with reactionary treatments.

Once you’ve had your landscape evaluated, you’ll then need to determine a budget and a strategy. This can often be a difficult decision, which is why we provide a diverse selection of pest management programs ranging from one-time target treatments to comprehensive multi-visit programs, and even “All-Natural” plant health programs.  A plant health care expert can help you decide on which program to select. If you’re only concern is a specific pest like Winter Moths or Ticks, then a target treatment will suit you well, but if you have been infested by multiple pests, or have a susceptible landscape, it is in your best interest to select a multi-visit program, both for economic purposes and effectiveness.

Custom pest management programs can be tailored to suit your property. These programs can include target treatments, preventative programs, fertilization, and various other treatments to ensure tree, shrub, and turf health.

If you’re interested in keeping your landscape healthy and appealing, then please consider a free consultation with one of our plant health experts. A qualified professional will be able to help you decide on an appropriate pest management strategy for your property.


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A comprehensive pest management program will keep your entire property healthy and attractive.



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