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Keep Your Property Free of Ticks This Year

Due to the mild winter, tick populations will be troublesome this year. Ensure your children and pets (and you) are safe with tick management programs from Carpenter Costin.

In New England, harsh winter conditions usually help control tick populations by making it difficult for the pests to survive throughout the winter. However, when conditions are relatively mild, with little snow, ticks can endure the winter and thrive come spring time. This year already looks as if it is going to extremely bad for ticks, as the dog owners at Carpenter Costin are reporting a number of ticks found on their dogs nearly every time they go out.tick control

Ticks have become a serious problem over the last few years. Although they have always been present in New England, their population seems to be increasing each year. Due to the increase in population, cases of Lyme disease acquired from ticks have been increasing as well. Lyme disease is usually acquired from ticks in the nymphal stage, commonly referred to as "deer ticks;" however, deer are not the only animal to carry the ticks. Mice, racoons, skunks, gophers, and various other rodents are all hosts of deer ticks.

In order to rid your yard of ticks, and prevent them from coming back you really need to exercise a two-pronged approach, with both technical and cultural practices. If you follow the tips below, you'll be well on your way to having a tick free property.

  • Ensure leaf and yard debris is cleaned up.
    • Ticks will rest in leaf litter, waiting to grab on to a host.
  • Keep wood piles and stone walls clean to limit areas where rodents frequent.
    • Limiting areas for hosts will reduce the number of ticks.
  • Create a barrier around your property with tick control applications
    • We recommend a three step application of TALSTAR (Spring, Summer, Fall)

Make sure you are constantly checking your children and pets for ticks. If you have been working in the yard, be sure to closely inspect yourself as well. Throw the clothes you wore directly into the dryer for a 20 minute cycle, which should kill any ticks that may have jumped on to your clothes. Be very observant, because deer ticks are small, sometimes as small as a pen tip. Keeping your yard free of deer and rodents is absolutely imperative to keeping ticks out.

If the late winter has been any indication of the severity of ticks in our region, it is going to be a brutal year. Please take ticks seriously and follow the steps above to keep your property free of ticks. To find out more about our tick management programs please request a free consultation with a Carpenter Costin pest management specialist.




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