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Forecasting 2012's Plant Health Care Problems

Planning ahead can help ensure your plants stay healthy and pest-free come spring time. Use historical knowledge and trends to preserve plant health in 2012.

Due to the variability of New England weather these days it is difficult to accurately forecast the future. However, one aspect that is predictable is that we will have a spring, but whether it begins in March or May is yet to be determined. With the arrival of spring comes the arrival of some pesky pests that devastate our trees and plants.winter moth damage

One pest that cannot be ignored is the Winter Moth (or winter worm). Winter Moth populations have exploded in recent years and don't look to be slowing down anytime soon. These moths, that fly around your exterior lights in the late fall, are damaging to your trees in their larval stage, when they feast on the leaves of your deciduous trees, primarily maples, lindens, and oaks.

Our Arborists recommend target winter moth treatments as a preventative measure. Depending on the weather in the spring, Winter Moths will start appearing any time in April and May - sooner with warmer weather, later with cooler weather.

Another pest to plan for this spring is the Hemlock Woolly Adelgid or HWA. Hemlocks are damaged by HWA when the eggs hatch and begin feeding on the tree's twigs. The Adelgid effectively suck the sap out of Hemlocks, severly stressing the tree which will slowly kill it over time.

Like the Winter Moth, our Arborists recommend a target preventative treatment for HWA. This pest has been increasing in recent years and can cause great damage to clustered Hemlocks. It is imperative to catch HWA early on before any damage is done

Take note of what has happened in the past few years and start planning your pest management and plant health care now. If this winter remains relatively mild, these pests may be damaging your plants sooner than usual. If you're looking for more information on our pest management and plant health care programs please take advantage of our free consultations and meet with a Certified Arborist.


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