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Tree Planting and Transplanting Solutions

Out with the old; in with the new. Planting or transplanting mature trees can be tricky; but with the right equipment and personnel, it can be done effectively.

Planting and transplanting medium to large trees is extremely difficult, and near impossible to do without the proper equipment. This task becomes even more challenging when obstacles come into play. Utilizing a professional company with the proper equipment is the only way to proceed with planting and transplanting maturing trees.

In a recent project, we removed a dead Hemlock and replaced it with a large, maturing tree. In addition to the large size of the tree (estimated at around 800lbs), there was a 12 to 15 foot wall that needed to be cleared. This required a piece of equipment that we call a "log loader" that has a large grapple and hydraulic lifting arm that could raise the heavy tree above the wall.

tree planting and transplanting

Moving a mature tree is not an easy feat, but it is certainly possible with the right equipment and manpower. Don't hesitate to contact a Certified Arborist or Landscape Architect if you would like to add a large tree to your landscape, or replace a stressed, dead, or dying tree with a new one.

planting a large tree

There is still time this year to plant large trees, but the window is shrinking dramatically each day, and depending on the type of tree you want to plant, it may be best to wait until next spring. Your Arborist will be able to make recommendations for you.

replacing dead trees

Out with the old: in with the new! Replace a dead tree with a new one!



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