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As Spring Arrives

Save Money and Ensure Plant Health with November Plantings

Experience great results and cost savings by adding new plants in the 11th month!

Planting in the fall ensures optimal root development. Although many home owners have an urge to plant in the spring time, and are more focused on getting the snow blower running in November, it is actually better to add new plants in October, November, and even into December than it is in the spring. Much of a plant's spring time energy is spent on flower and bud production; however, during the fall months, a plant will focus all of its energy on root development. Fall planting ensures strong root development, and allows for a much better bloom come spring.

Another benefit of fall planting is that there is a actually a costs savings to be had. Local nurseries will lower their prices in an attempt to sell their inventory before winter. This allows Carpenter Costin to save even more on our already discounted prices and then pass those cost savings on to our customers.

Planting in November is both great for your landscape and great for your wallet. Plus you'll be able to enjoy your new plants early next spring. Don't wait too long though. Request your free consultation now.


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Take advantage of fall cost savings at our local nurseries.



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