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Natural Stone Wall Design and Construction

Adding a natural stone wall to your property can serve as a great barrier, property line indicator, and beautiful hardscape feature all at once.

A recent trip to Block Island, RI got me thinking about stone walls. The Island is covered instone wall ancient stone walls that served as property line markers and cattle barriers for the early Island settlers. These stone walls are truly remarkable considering they have been standing for hundreds of years, and are still practical and beautiful.

Though methods and equipment have changed since the early settlers of Block Island built their stone walls, a natural wall comprised of stone is still a great feature to add to your property, be it to seperate your property from your neighbors, keep your kids and pets in check, or to add appeal to your landscape. Choose from a variety of natural stones to get the look and design that you want.

Our expert Landscape Architects can design and construct great natural stone walls, customized to your needs and wants. Request a free consultation with a registered Landscape Architect to discuss how stone, brick, and paver walls, walks and patios can improve your landscape.


laptew stone wall BI

A Block Island stone wall built by the Island's early settlers. Photo taken by Mike Laptew of Laptew Productions.



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