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Fertilize Your Lawn Now For Great Results in the Spring

Fall lawn fertilization will help give your lawn what it needs to thrive next spring.

Fertilizing your lawn in the fall is one of the simplest forms of turf management there is. Effective, off the shelf fertilizers are readily available at your local hardware store, and will get your lawn the nutrients it needs. Invest in an inexpensive spreader, or borrow one from a friend, and broadcast the fertilizer across your entire lawn.

Fall turf fertilization provides your lawn with the nutrients and food needed to develop a strong root system, and improve the health and appeal of your lawn through the winter. Fertilizing will help ensure your lawn starts off on the right foot come spring time. Even if you don't decide to use any other fall lawn care practices, such as core aeration or slice seeding, be sure you apply fertilizer because it is so easy to do, and is extremely beneficial to your turf.

Our turf management programs include fall fertilization; however, we also provide target fertilization treatments. Our lawn care pros highly recommend turf fertilization in both the spring and fall, and can provide target treatments at this time. To request a fall fertilization, or to speak with a lawn care pro, click the button below or call 877-308-8733.


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