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Grub Damage in New England

If you're noticing areas of your lawn that have been mysteriously ripped up or damaged, it may be because you have an abundance of grubs in your turf.

Grubs are beetle larvae that hatch in your soil and feed on the roots of your turf. Though the damage caused by grubs can be significant, it is usually the animals looking to eat the grubs, such as skunks and raccoons, that cause the most damage. The sharp claws of skunks and raccoons can easily dig through your turf and soil while searching for skunks. This action can leave your lawn looking like it has been roto-tilled.

Earlier in the summer, we sent out a notification about the abundance of European & Masked Chafers, and Japanese Beetles. These chafers and beetles have mated and their larvae are now active in many lawns across New England. Due to the significant number of larvae, or grubs, damage is especially high this year. However, the threat is diminishing. As the temperature drops, the larvae will either pupate and leave the soil, or they'll tunnel down even further to withstand the cold winter.skunk damage digging grubs

We are being called to many lawns that have been damaged by animals digging for grubs. As our Technical Services Manager and Turf Expert, Paul Miller, mentioned earlier in the year, "Grubs are the shrimp cocktail for skunks, raccoons, and crows." These animals will devastate your turf in their quest for grubs, and unfortunately it leads to a substantial investment in sodding, seeding, and lawn repair.

Considering the amount of damage caused by grubs this year, we highly recommend factoring preventative grub treatments into your future pest management and lawn care programs. It is too late now to use preventative measures, but plan on preventing grubs with a treatment early next summer. Preventative treatments can save you from the huge headache and investment associated with a lawn renovation.

When evaluating your pest management program for next year, seriously consider adding the preventative grub treatment. Our lawn care pros are always available to discuss your pest management or lawn health care needs. Request a free consultation to determine the right plan for you.


skunk grub damage

Skunks, raccoons, crows, and many other animals and birds love to feast on grubs. They will literally tear your lawn apart looking for the tasty grubs.



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