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The Truth About Watering

Keep watering those plants and trees until first frost!

Many homeowners invest ample time and money into watering and irrigation during the spring and summer; however, for some reason, much of this effort is abandoned come fall. The truth, however, is that trees and plants, especially those that are newly planted, need to be continually watered until winter.

The standard rule of 1" of water per week applies to the fall, just as it does in spring and summer.  Following the 1" per week rule allows the water to penetrate roughly a foot down into the soil, which is necessary for optimum root growth. Of course, depending on the soil there irrigation-wateringmay be more or less room for water to penetrate; however, usually 1" or water will penetrate perfectly, with any excess running off into the water table. What exactly does this mean? It means that, even if we get 5" of rain in a week, only about 1" is actually absorbed by the soil, and the other 4" runs off and fills the water table. Despite the abundance of rain one week, it is still necessary to apply 1" the next week.

Continue to apply 1" of water to your trees and plants throughout October. Fall is a great time for root development, and the appropriate amount of water each week will aid in this development. It is especially important to water new landscapes and plants through the fall. If you have any questions about soil moisture, or are curious about irrigation system design and installation, please request a free consultation.




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