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Slice Seed Your Lawn for Thick, Healthy Turf Year Round

Slice seeding during the fall helps to promote a healthy, great looking lawn throughout all of the seasons.

A slice seeder is a mechanism that creates small slices or slits in your turf to helpslice seeding improve the water, mineral, and air flow in your soil, and help relieve soil compaction. Couple these slices with the broadcast of new seed, and you'll be well on your way to developing a dense, lush lawn this fall.

The increase of organic material, water, and air in your turf will help speed up seed germination and promote optimal root development.

It is best to slice seed in the fall, especially if you experienced drought-like or dry conditions over the summer. Cultural practices, like slice seeding, will efficiently repair a lawn that was damaged over the summer. With the fairly warm day time temperatures we experience in late summer/fall, and cooler, wet nights that come in September and October, slice seeding your lawn now can truly improve the short-term and long-term appeal of your turf.

Your lawn can benefit from fall cultural practices. Don't miss out on a free lawn care consultation with a Carpenter Costin pro. Click the button below to arrange a free meeting with a turf care pro.





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