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Fall Tree and Plant Insect and Disease Update

Although summer does not officially end until September 23rd this year, we are already experiencing some fall-like weather and patterns.

I really love the fall. The days are still comfortably warm, and the nights cool down just right. Though the fall is really a great time of year for us, with great foliage across our region, warm apple cider, apple and pumpkin picking, and the beginning of football season, there are some things that you need to look out for, most notably insect and disease activity across your landscape.

Here is an update of pest infestation activity across Massachusetts, and a few potential pests to look out for:

  • Oyster Shell Scale - greatly affecting Hollies and Euonymous already this year. Keep an eye out.lacebug massachusetts
  • Lacebugs - some areas across our region were heavily infested. They infest a variety of trees and plants. 
  • Diplodia - continues to infect our pines through the fall. Requires seasonal treatment.
  • Apple Scab - affecting Apples and Crabapples now. Look out for it when apple picking this fall.
  • Fall Web Worm - their large web-like nests are appearing across our region. They can easily and quickly defoliate an entire tree.
These pests are only a selection of what may be impacting your landscape this fall. As always, we recommend taking the occasional stroll around your property and looking for any signs of pest infestation. If you spot anything unusual please give call us at 877-308-8733 or request a consultation with a Certified Arborist for a free consultation.




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