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We truly pride ourselves on providing the best possible service, and our technical division is one area in which we place a lot of effort and resources in order to serve our customers the best we can.

With that being said, we feel that it is time we introduce our tech department andPlant Health Care Inspection resized 600 give credit where credit is due. Ritzi (pictured), our Technical Services Manager, is the driving force behind our technical services and has been for quite some time. His expertise in arboriculture and plant health care is second to none. We never get tired of hearing all the calls with great reviews of Ritzi.

Our newest addition to the department is Technical Services Director, Paul Miller, who is the resident turf expert on the North Shore of MA. Keep an eye out for some blog and newsletter content written by Paul, as his expertise in turf management is hard to beat, not only in Massachusetts, but across the country.

Carpenter Costin specializes in multi-visit plant health care and pest management programs. Our programs include the 5-visit, 8-visit, and custom plant health care program, which services your lawn, trees, shrubs, and plants. To learn more about our plant health care program, request a consultation with an Arborist, or call 877-308-8733.

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