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Do You Have Grubs?

Now is the time to check for grubs in your lawn!

All gardens and lawns have grubs. In small numbers, grubs are not an issue; grubs img cred purduehowever, in ideal weather conditions, grubs can increase to damaging levels.

What are Grubs?

Grubs are beetle larvae that hatch in the soil and feed on turf roots. As the grubs feed, they destroy the roots, damaging the turf's ability to take up water, effectively turning your lawn brown. Often, grub damage will remain invisible until it is too late.

When should you inspect for Grubs?

Grub inspections during the summer months will determine whether or not treatment is needed. To inspect for grubs, peel back a section of your lawn. If you see 7 to 10 grubs in a 1 square foot area then treatment is needed.

Other tell tale signs of grubs include browning spots, spongy turf texture, and birds and skunks digging in your lawn. If the turf pulls up easily, it usually means grubs have destroyed the root system.

Preventative grub applications will help keep your lawn free of grub infestation. If your lawn is currently infested, an insecticide application will take care of them.

If you suspect you have grubs, or want to ensure that you don't get them, contact a Lawn Care professional from Carpenter Costin, or call 877-308-8733.



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