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July Landscape and Tree Care Tips

Follow these tips to ensure your landscape and trees are in the best shape possible.

The month of July is here, and with it came a strench of some hot, yet gracefully welcomed weather. Here are some tips that our Certified Arborists and Lawn Care pros recommend to help ensure optimal appeal and health of your landscape through the summer:

-Apply 1 to 1.5 inches of water to your lawn each week. Take into consideration the amount of rain water you've received in the week as well. A healthy lawn will require 1 to 1.5 inches each week.

-Ensure extra water gets to your trees, shrubs, and turf during periods of drought which will begin to occur in July. Irrigation sensors and drip irrigation are great for regulating water use and moisture.

-Prune shrubs and ornamental trees to ensure great blossoms next spring.

-Avoid storm damage due to high winds and lightning. Have your trees inspected to see if there are hazardous limbs or branches.

-Inspect trees for signs of Lace bugs, Scale, and Spider Mites, and look for evidence of Grubs in your lawn.

These tips will help keep your landscape and trees in prime shape throughout July. For more information request a consultation or call 877-308-8733. Our Certified Arborists are always available to come to your property to inspect for insects & disease, hazardous branches, and more.

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