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Plants, Pests, and Phenology in Full Bloom

The recent increase in warm weather has boosted plant and pest development.

A few weeks ago, as we were still stuck in the cold and wet early spring, we decided to blog about phenology, and its affect on the development of plants and pests. Well, since then, the weather has certainly rebounded to the warm spring that we had been longing for, but with it comes an increase in pest activity and plant growth.

Depending on where you are located, Winter Moth activity could be in its early stages, in full swing, or starting the decline. Look for these pests to continue to feast in our region for a few more weeks. Treating Winter Moths is still recommended as the threat will remain high for two to three more weeks. Lace bug, sawfly, and beetle activity is beginning to increase as well. Keep an eye on your plants and trees, and look for evidence of pest activity.

In addition to insects and diseases, invasive shrubs, plants, and trees will prosper as the weather warms. This is a great time to prune your Burning Bush shrubs to ensure they do not take over your landscapes. For more information on trimming and pruning invasive or overgrown shrubs and trees, consult with a Certified Arborist. If pest activity is evident on your plants, a pest management program or target treatment is recommended.



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