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First Aid For Your Lawn

TLC Now Will Reap Green Rewards

At this time of year your lawn may show signs of stress and be crying out for some TLC. Is your lawn experiencing any of the following problems?

  1. Thin or bare spots
  2. High traffic areas where soil is compacted
  3. Invasive grasses
  4. Excess weeds
  5. Drought damage

Here are some great, natural ways that are guaranteed to improve the health and beauty of your lawn.

Core Aeration is the mechanical removal of small cores of soil from your lawn.. This procedure reduces soil compaction and opens it up allowing water fertilizer and air to penetrate the soil’s surface. Relieving soil compaction allows grass to develop deeper, stronger root systems.

Dethatching your lawn consists of mechanically ‘raking’ your lawn to remove the layer of thatch or dead grass that accumulates over time. Removal of thatch will allow air, water and fertilizer to penetrate the root system of your grass.

Slice Seeding will refresh your lawn by adding new seed to your lawn. A slice seeding machine slices shallow trenches into your lawn and inserts new grass seeds into the trenches. The seed to soil contact increases seed germination and growth rates, resulting in a thicker, more vigorous lawn.

For more information on improving the beauty of your lawn, please give us a call at 877.308.8733 or email us


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