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Horticulture Timing of Treatments

Optimal timing for pest and weed management on you trees, shrubs, and lawns.

With the abundance of rain and moisture lately, our plant and lawn health management division has had their hands full with the scheduling and application of treatments. Surprisingly, I had a chance to catch our President, Paul Marsan, for a few brief seconds and get his take on the situation.

While on the subject of insect, disease, and weed control, Paul mentioned, “The time to apply pre-emergent crabgrass control products is when the Forsythia is half yellow and half green. This is commonly known by experienced Lawn Care Pros and knowledgeable homeowners. What is not commonly known, is that the same theory applies to most horticultural treatments and tactics. This widely used principle is known as Phenology.”

Phenology is based on the accumulation of temperature degrees above a control point. The accumulated degrees are known as “Degree Days Heating.” This very important principle dictates to the knowledgeable professional when it is time to apply certain treatments, such as crabgrass preventer, or when it is the best to seed your lawn.

Most important to note is that proper timing is not related to calendar date. For more information on this subject we recommend reading Coincide by Donald A. Orton, or consult with one of our Certified Arborists or Technicians, all whom are very familiar with this practice.



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