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Insect Prevention and Control During Rain Storms

Pest management applications can be extremely time sensitive, regardless of whether or not Mother Nature cooperates. What can you do to ensure proper applications during periods of rain?

The middle of May is prime-time for Winter Moth treatment applications. It is imperative to get out and spray for these pests before they can really damage your beautiful trees and shrubs. Fortunately for those in the Arboriculture business, Winter Moth treatments can be applied in moist weather, unlike many other pest management applications.

Insect prevention and control applications must be completed by a trained professional tree care technician. A well-trained tree professional will use their knowledge and judgment regarding the safety, effectiveness, and environmental impact of pest management applications, especially during periods of rain or heavy moisture. If you have any doubt in the effectiveness or timeliness of your applications please give us a call at 877-308-8733.

For more information regarding tree and shrub pest management, or the application of pest management supplements, feel free to request a consultation with a certified tree care professional.



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