hazardous tree signs

September 6, 2011 , ,

Trees provide many aesthetical and environmental benefits to our landscapes; however, there comes a time when a tree can actually become a hazard and needs to be removed.

Be on the look out for the following tell tale signs that a tree needs to be removed or pruned. Ask yourself these questions when inspecting trees on your property:

  • Are there holes or cracks in the tree’s trunk
  • Have many branches fallen from the tree
  • Are the tree’s limbs near any wires or structures
  • Is the tree leaning or are the roots obstructed
  • Is there evidence of pest, fungus, or disease infestation
  • Is the tree void of foliage in the growing season

The aforementioned signs are indicators of structural damage within a tree. The causes of this damage can vary from insect or disease infestation to lightning strikes, age, and more.

Removing a tree can be a hard decision, especially if there is an emotional attachment to it. However, in order to keep your property safe and your landscape thriving, it is sometimes necessary to remove a tree. Our Certified Arborists can inspect any trees in questions and provide solutions to help restore, revitalize, or remove a problem tree.

hazardous tree signsTop Left: Dead tree, Top Right: Leaning, up-rooting tree, Bottom Left: Damaged trunk, Bottom Right: Fungus disease infestation