June 2, 2011 ,

Inspect your trees and shrubs after high winds and storms to ensure they were not damaged.

Along with the insects & diseases that attempt to infest your trees, Mother Nature does her best to damage the trees and shrubs that provide your yard with appeal, shade, and privacy. Even though we don’t need to worry about snow and ice damage for a few more months, tree damage is still possible as summer storms bring some very high winds, and even the possibility of tornados, like we saw yesterday across Massachusetts.

Beware of your old trees that may have suffered internal structure damage due to the heavy snow accumulation this past winter. Since the trees are now full of leaves they are more susceptible to wind damage because the foliage acts like a sail and catches the wind; whereas a leafless tree is more wind-resistant and less prone to damage.

We encourage a quick inspection of your trees, especially your older broadleaf trees, to ensure that they are structurally sound, and are not susceptible to damage during the frequent high winds. If you are unsure, it is best to consult with a Certified Arborist. Simply walking around your property and inspecting your trees closely can make the difference between a safe yard, or potential property damage or injury.