man pruning a shrub

June 28, 2011 , ,

natural shrub pruningThe shrub maintenance debate: Take the quick and easy way out with shrub shearing, or put in the time to acheive optimal results with natural hand pruning.

Maintaining shrubs and ornamental trees can be a daunting task, especially when they form a large hedge or privacy barrier in your yard. Shearing large hedges is often the easiest form of shrub maintenance. Large barrier hedges would require countless man hours in order to hand prune; therefore, our Certified Arborists recommened shearing methods on large hedges. However, for smaller shrub hedges and individual shrubs and ornamental trees, natural pruning is the way to go.

Natural pruning removes dead wood, improving air flow and sunlight exposure, and improves tree health. Shearing can have an adverse affect, as it damages foliage and creates areas that are susceptible to disease infestation, and also does not increase air and light flow.

The pros at Carpenter Costin recommend natural pruning when possible, and our professional tree and shrub pruners are the best in the business. Talking with an Arborist can help you figure out the most appropriate way to care for your shrubs and ornamental trees.

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