October 19, 2021

There are many tasks that a business or commercial property owner needs to complete during the fall, especially in Massachusetts, where seasons tend to be a bit more “seasonal” than in other regions of the country.

Before winter creeps in and freezes everything over, you must have your gutters cleaned. Neglecting to have your gutters cleaned thoroughly and correctly can have expensive and completely preventable consequences in the near future. So, today let’s explore why you should have your property’s gutters professionally cleaned every fall.


1. Cleaning Your Gutters Prevents Water Damage

Water always seems to creep into places where it doesn’t belong. If your gutters are clogged with leaves, pine needles, and other forms of debris, it prevents water from draining properly and can lead to overflow. When water overflows out of your gutters, it can cause costly and inconvenient damage inside and outside your business.

2. Cleaning Your Gutters Prevents Pest Infestations

Let’s face it; nobody wants pests inside or close to their business, especially a customer or client-facing business. Unfortunately, when leaves and debris build up in your gutters, they create very attractive homes for insects, rodents, and other creepy crawlies. Once they settle into their new living environment, these pests may try to invade your property searching for food. Having your gutters cleaned out every fall prevents these crawling squatters from settling into your building.

3. Cleaning Your Gutters Protects Your Foundation

One of the main functions of gutters is to direct water away from your commercial property. Clogged gutters prevent this from happening. As discussed previously, this can cause the water to creep into the exterior and interior of your building.

But did you know that if water is not properly guided away from your property that it actually damages your foundation? When water is allowed to pool around the foundation of your business, it freezes over the winter. The constant temperature changes that follow can cause the water to shrink and expand, cracking or damaging your foundation.

4. Cleaning Your Gutters Saves Money

Diligent gutter cleaning may not be everyone’s favorite fall task, but it is an essential one. When you have your gutters cleaned in the fall, it saves you time and money in the future. And, the damages and costs associated with neglecting to clean your gutters are completely preventable. Don’t damage your property AND revenue by letting this task fall to the wayside.

5. Cleaning Your Gutters Protects Your Reputation

Water damage is noticeable, very noticeable. The last thing that any business owner needs is visible (and gross) water damage on the exterior and interior of their property. When engaging with clients and customers, it’s vital that your property feels safe, clean, and comfortable. Don’t let your reputation suffer because you neglected to clear the debris out of your gutters.

Why You Should Contact Professional Gutter Cleaning Services

By bringing in a professional gutter cleaning company to perform their expert services, you are guaranteed to have the best quality, thorough gutter cleaning possible. This way, you can rest assured knowing that pesky pests and water damage will not damage your reputation nor become a costly headache in the near future.