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5 Benefits of a Stone Fire Pit Entertaining Space

Outdoor fire pits and fireplaces are quite the trend in the United States today. According to the American Society of Landscape Architect’s Residential Landscape Trends Survey, topping the list of outdoor design features is the stone fireplace and fire pit. 

Why are the fire features so popular currently? To understand the sudden appeal of stone fireplaces and fire pits in the Massachusetts area, one only needs to examine the benefits associated with this type of residential architectural detail. 

Let’s take a look at the 5 benefits that a fire pit could add to your property this year. 

#1 Extended Entertaining Area 

One of the top reasons why homeowners in our region love to add fire pits or outdoor kitchens with a fireplace component is the idea of transforming outdoor spaces into viable entertaining areas that can be used throughout the year. 

Adding a fire pit or fireplace to your backyard is like adding valuable square footage to your home except the room is outdoors and allows multiple gathering spaces as well as cooking options. 

For most homeowners in the northeast, getting outside at night becomes an option when there is a warm cozy (and attractively designed) fire to sit beside. Spring, summer, fall, and even some parts of the winter will allow for fire pit season in our area. 

#2 Functionality 

Not only does a fire pit area allow for more entertaining space to be added to a home, it provides a function as well. Many homeowners use the pits or fireplaces to cook their meals during the hot summer months when they don’t want to heat up their homes. Grilling dogs and burgers becomes less of a hassle when you can do it outdoors while enjoying the peace of your yard and nature. 


#3 Warmth & Light 

Who doesn’t like to sit by a crackling fire while enjoying the company of friends and a few cocktails? A fire pit can lengthen those late-night get-togethers by providing both warm and light. The party doesn’t need to end when the sun goes down when you have a fire pit to keep everyone cozy and entertained. 

#4 Adds Curb Appeal & Value to Landscaping

The National Association of Realtors explains that, “Outdoor hardscape projects (such as walkways, fire pits, fireplaces and walls) add resale value to a home as well as bring extra enjoyment to homeowners while they are living in the home.”

When it comes time to sell your home, a well-manicured and hardscape-designed backyard will be more valuable and create more curb appeal, thus attracting more serious buyers. 

#5 Makes Unusable Space Usable

Many New England homes have sloped or rocky yards that are not great for doing much planting, playing, or entertaining. By adding a tiered fire pit to a yard, areas that were once unusable become highly functional and possibly your favorite aspect of the yard! 

If you're thinking about jumping on the fire pit trend and adding one to your property, let our landscape architects handle the planning and heavy lifting for you. We can design, plan and execute the entertaining area of your dreams. 




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