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Carpenter Costin provides expert turf control and lawn care services designed to improve your lawn through the use of carefully selected treatment programs and maintenance services, customized to provide you with a healthy and natural lawn. Our lawn care professionals combine extensive lawn care treatment programs with various cultural practices, which include core aeration, hydro seeding, sod installation, dethatching, top dressing, slice seeding, and over seeding.

Our Lawn Care Maintenance Specialists will be happy to analyze your lawn and soil composition to best design a lawn care treatment program that will meet the specific needs of your property. Carpenter Costin offers a variety of treatment programs, including our Target Lawn Treatment, Professional’s Choice Treatment, Estate Treatment Program, and our All-Natural Program.

Our lawn care professionals are experts in fertilizer and insect & disease control applications, utilizing only the most effective techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to rid your turf of pests and weeds, and promote a lush and healthy lawn.

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The crew of Alfredo, etc. came to my home to trim a very large maple tree in the corner of my yard...They set to work immediately, efficiently and with professionalism as I watch in amazement at their absolutely adept ability to take care of all the pruning needed with absolutely no damage to my property. They did exactly what was requested and cleaned everything up. I whole-heartedly appreciate what they have done...Would I call you again if I needed this type of work done? Immediately! I have already recommended you to two other potential clients...Thank you for doing an excellent job. In today's world, personal customer service is lacking.

Shelly, Andover, MA